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During August, September and October 2009 Auto 169 was moved to Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway for work on the overhaul of the underframe, this page records the progress that we made.


We have already undertaken several work days on 169 since its arrival at Buckfastleigh and the pictures below taken by Tony Brooks, illustrate some of the work already underway. These  show progress up until Friday 21st with removal of some plate work on the frames which so far has not revealed any underlying problems. A good start has also been accomplished with general restoration of the framework and this should be complete and painted prior to returning to the WSR . Whilst the SDR work goes on we also continue to progress at Williton with work on the next section of flooring now being tackled



Framework under restoration at Buckfastleigh  21/08/2009 ( images Tony Brooks)


Work being undertaken included replacement of the 'U' shaped gussets that support the front (cab end) bufferbeam, the main frame extensions between the front bogie pivot and the bufferbeam. There is a strengthening plate along the outer frame in the area of the front bogie which is being replaced on the Left Side but is remarkably good on the Right side so will be virtually untouched.

The angled support  brackets will be closely inspected and replaced as necessary and if time permits the 'Luggage end' frame work will also receive attention. The tyre profiles were recently checked and were found to be virtually 'as new' so will probably not receive any attention at this time. A number of recent images are shown below of the work underway (07/09/2009)


                                                   New Bufferbeam Support Gussets


    L:Main frame replacement channel                                     R: General fame cleaning and painting


      L: Bufferbeam refitted and riveted                                    R:  Close up of riveting and Buffer fitting area


  L: Replacing rivets after checking for frame wastage       R: Inside frame following following checking

Tony Brooks

19/09/09 Frame Overhaul South Devon Railway

Today's work program included completing the 'Driving end' riveting work and continuing with the 'needle gunning' of the remaining frames in the front half of the vehicle. Painting of the cleaned steelwork continued along with some of the soon to be fitted steel floor support plates. The images below show some of the work in progress today.


  L:Rivet heating, James in charge                                        R: Riveting stuff, Ray Lee and Ian Salt 


   L: Tony Brooks sits and paints                                             R: New riveting work is  discussed


   L: Newly painted Front bufferbeam awaits it buffers              R: Riveting and first paint completed


L: James Auton at work welding the frames                R: James stops to acknowledge the crowds 

John Wood/Raymond Lee


The Luggage end bodywork was moved along the frames today to expose the other end.  Pictures below show that  the framework uncovered is in fairly good condition and should only need a small amount of work to complete. This work may be completed following return to West Somerset unless time permits.


                Luggage end Framework exposed for the first time



Work has continued on the Driving end including Brake Gear and Vacuum pipework, buffers are now refitted.

More pictures of work up to 01/10/2009 are shown below. Supplied by Ian Grady


   L: Work underway on Luggage end                               R Vacuum and steam heat pipework refitted


Frames returned to WSR 05/11/2009






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